Michael Brown memorial tree cut down in Ferguson, USA

Michael Brown memorial tree in Ferguson, USA, before and after vandalism

From inquisitr.com in the USA:

Memorial Tree Planted In Michael Brown’s Name Is Cut Down In Ferguson

A memorial tree for Michael Brown Jr. was found cut in half less than 24 hours after it was planted. The memorial stone that was placed under the tree is also missing.

On Saturday morning the living tree memorial was planted in Michael Brown Jr.’s name at the January Wabash Memorial Park located in Ferguson. The tree was donated by the Black Caucus of the American Library Association, reports WSMV TV.

“The tree dedication ceremony to honor Michael Brown, Junior, represents just one of several social justice issues that BCALA champions,” a representative for the group said on Saturday, reports Fox 10.

After photos of the tree before and after being vandalized were posted to KMOV TV‘s Facebook page, hundreds of followers left comments.

“I had a feeling this would happen, it is a shame MO people have to live through such hate. I am glad I was brought up knowing, we do not hate, we are all equal, and no violence, I think some people need to learn this,” Barb Carpenter O’Keefe wrote.

“Mike was someone’s son. None of us are perfect. Let his family grieve and have a memorial for him. You may not love him but his family and friends did. Really is sad to me that some ignorant person took time out to cut a tree!!” wrote JoAnn Moser.

“That’s horrible.. No matter what happened, whoever planted that tree did so for a reason. Leave it alone. That’s the whole problem no one wants to let this whole thing go…they are working hard to put things in place to help these issues out, let them have time to work,” posted Shelly Prince Jones.

Not all of the comments on the post were kind and many worry that this recent act of cruelty and vandalism could spark a new round of issues in Ferguson.

Michael Brown Jr. was shot and killed by a white police officer in Ferguson, Missouri on August 9, 2014. Brown was only 18-years-old when he was shot by Darren Wilson, 28, of the Ferguson Police Department. … The protests lasted more than a week and resulted in nightly curfews.

The shooting also sparked vigorous debates about law enforcements relationships with African Americans.

Police officials in Ferguson are currently looking into the vandalism at the park and have yet to make any statement other than an ‘investigation is ongoing.’

[Photo courtesy of KMOV 4’s Facebook Page]

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15 thoughts on “Michael Brown memorial tree cut down in Ferguson, USA

  1. I can’t tell you how angry this makes me. Not only did he die needlessly, now they are trying to erase the memory of him. I try to remember that as small as this tree is, it would have only needed one person to cut it down to try and further the wedge between kind people of all races. The tree should be replaced and video security cameras secretly hidden around to catch and punish the individual(s) that would do such a terrible thing.

    In my neighborhood a boy in elementary school was brutally murdered by a slightly older teenager. A tree was planted on the Walmart property where his mother worked and green ribbons tied all over the tree. That has served to heal our community and keep the boy’s memory alive. His name was Eddie Werner and I knew both families.



  2. This was a gift honoring a life. Whoever cut it down has chose to dishonor this gift but they dishonor themselves. This hate will not win. The tree and the plaque will be replaced over and over again until honoring the life and death of Michael Brown is accepted as part of the landscape and history of Ferguson.


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