Sea otters in Canada, video

This video says about itself:

Sea Otters vs. Urchins in Canada’s Kelp Forests

7 April 2015

“When you see a sea otter, they’re usually either eating or digesting,” often munching on urchins, says ecologist Anne Salomon, a Pew marine fellow. That’s a good thing for some kelp beds. Without otters to control urchin numbers, the spiky shellfish can devour the beds, leaving barren seascapes behind.

Fifty years ago, sea otters were so sought after for their fur that they disappeared from the Canadian coast. But now they’re bouncing back and—as seen in this video—competing with humans for the region’s shellfish.

9 thoughts on “Sea otters in Canada, video

  1. But best of all mothers blow in their infant kit’s fur to make them extra buoyant while they go and catch some food. Nothing lovelier than an over-fluffed-up baby sea otter bobbing on the waves.


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