Big anti-government protest in Spain

This 25 June 2014 video is called Spain’s Princess Cristina faces corruption trial.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Mass Madrid march challenges cuts

Sunday 30th November 2014

A quarter of a million protest against ‘mafia’ ministers

MORE than 250,000 people marched in Madrid on Saturday against their government’s austerity measures.

Over 100 different organisations were involved in the march, which saw protesters chanting: “It is not a government, it is a mafia.”

It was the culmination of a week of action against ministers’ pandering to European Union fiscal rules, which have dictated an austerity policy aimed at slashing the level of government deficit to 3 per cent by 2016.

The country’s authorities have been trying to reduce the amount of public services, attempting to privatise healthcare.

The “March for Dignity” was attended by members of two major trade unions in Spain – the Workers’ Commissions (CCOO) and the General Union of Workers (UGT).

It was a continuation of anti-austerity rallies that started in March this year in Madrid under the slogan “No more cuts.”

Spain was one of the countries worst-hit by the eurozone crisis and suffered a housing market crash which brought its banking system to the brink of collapse.

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