Pygmy sperm whale rescued in Wales

This video from Texas in the USA is called Pygmy sperm whale rescued in Galveston.

From Wildlife Extra:

Rare whale successfully rescued after stranding on Welsh beach

A stranded young six-foot Pygmy Sperm Whale has been successfully been refloated off a beach at Anglesey, North Wales and last seen heading towards the Irish Sea.

Sea Watch volunteer and BDMLR marine medic Ben Murcott, was the first to arrive at the Newborough beach on Anglesey after the alarm was raised. He and other trained volunteers assessed its condition and kept it comfortable until they were satisfied it could cope with being refloated. It was then carried out to the sea on a stretcher and allowed to reacclimatise to the water before being released to swim away.

The Pygmy Sperm Whale is one of two species of the Kogia Whale, the other of which is a Dwarf, and sightings of either is unusual in UK waters.

“Dwarf Sperm Whales are tropical species, occurring in the Atlantic off the West African coast whereas pygmy sperm whales normally range further northwards as far as the Bay of Biscay, said Dr Peter Evans, Director of Sea Watch.

“There are only seven previous records of dwarf sperm whale in all of Europe and although pygmy sperm whale has been recorded more often, there are still only about a dozen records from the UK, and only one previous one from Wales.”

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