Artillery kills at Ukraine school playground

Injured man arrives in hospital after shelling in Donetsk, photo AFP: John MacDougall

From Reuters news agency:

At least 10 people killed in shelling on and near school in Ukraine’s Donetsk – city authorities

DONETSK Ukraine, Wed Oct 1, 2014 11:51am BST

At least 10 people were killed on Wednesday when shells hit a school playground and a mini-van in a nearby street in Donetsk in eastern Ukraine, city authorities and Reuters witnesses said.

There were no children among those killed in the shelling at School No. 57 on the first day of the new school year, though witnesses said the dead included a biology teacher and the parent of a child at the school.

Reuters correspondents saw the bodies of three adults at the school and an additional six bodies in a burnt-out mini-van and on streets nearby. The regional administration said a total of 10 people had been killed in the shelling of the city, a stronghold of rebels waging a separatist rebellion.

(Reporting by Maria Tsvetkova; Writing by Richard Balmforth, Editing by Timothy Heritage)

From the BBC:

Well over 200 people were at school number 57 in the Kievsky district when the playground was shelled, including 70 children. Although the school’s windows shattered, none of the children was reported hurt.

UKRAINIAN army shelling killed at least 10 residents in Donetsk yesterday despite a supposed ceasefire: here.

The Ukrainian government’s war against separatists in eastern Ukraine has forced hundreds of thousands of people to flee. Most have sought refuge in neighbouring Russia, where according to figures from Russia’s federal migration agency 875,000 refugees from Ukraine are residing: here.

This past weekend saw the fiercest fighting in the eastern Ukrainian cities of Donetsk and Luhansk since the signing of a ceasefire agreement at the beginning of September. The military offensive by the Kiev regime is being accompanied by stepped-up threats against Russia by NATO countries: here.

Exiled Ukraine trade union organizer: ‘Never forget who your class enemy is’: here.

Economic blockade of Ukrainian rebel regions inflicts mass suffering: here.

14 thoughts on “Artillery kills at Ukraine school playground

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  2. A proposed sale of Israeli weapons including drones to Ukraine has been blocked for fear of antagonizing Russia, Israel’s Channel Two television reported on Monday.

    The broadcaster said a Ukrainian delegation had visited Israel with a view to acquiring military hardware including drones to use against pro-Russian separatists.

    It was not reported when the visit took place or when the decision to turn down the request was taken.

    Israel’s defense ministry had given the green light for the sale of pilotless aircraft produced by the company Aeronautics to Ukraine, but the foreign ministry then vetoed the sale.


  3. Fascists fight after WWII vote

    Ukraine: Clashes broke out between fascist gangs and police in front of the parliament in Kiev as deputies voted down proposals to recognise the World War II-era Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UIA) as national heroes.

    Thousands of Svoboda (Freedom) fascist party supporters rallied earlier in the capital in celebration of the UIA, which was the armed wing of the Organisation of Ukrainian Nationalists (Bandera).

    The UIA, led by Stepan Bandera, collaborated with German occupation forces during the war, attacking Soviet units and slaughtering Jewish and Polish civilians.


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  6. Ukrainian elections: quasi-parliament for the minority

    Ukrainian parliamentary elections, held on October 26, primarily showed the reality of the country’s split. The turnout was much lower than in all previous elections and the map of turnout shows the split and division of the country – the fact that is being constantly masked by Ukrainian nationalists and the authorities recently brought by them to power.


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