Frida Kahlo and flowers, exhibition in New York City

This video is called The Life and Times of FRIDA KAHLO (1907~1954): (DOCUMENTARY).

From daily The Morning Star in Britain today:

UNITED STATES: The New York Botanical Garden announced today that it is planning a major exhibition on Frida Kahlo next year that will examine how nature influenced her artwork.

It will also reimagine Kahlo’s garden and studio outside Mexico City, known as Casa Azul.

“Frida Kahlo’s Garden” will be on view from May 16 2015.

A group of rare paintings and works on paper highlighting Kahlo’s use of botanical imagery will also be on display.

This video is called Treasures of New York: The New York Botanical Garden.

“I don’t know how to write love letters,” Frida Kahlo wrote in 1946. “But I wanted to tell you that my whole being opened for you. Since I fell in love with you everything is transformed and is full of beauty… love is like an aroma, like a current, like rain.”. Read more here.

“‘Look How Many Works By Frida Kahlo We Were Able To Get’ could be the title of most Kahlo-inspired exhibitions, one art dealer remarked to Artnet. As for private collectors, only about 60 works have made it to the auction block in the past two decades, according to an Artnet investigation. With all our love for Frida Kahlo, why does her work seem so elusive?” (Read more here)

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