14 thoughts on “Soma miners in Turkey, unsafe work and oppression

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  6. THE trial of Turkish mining executives over the deaths of 301 miners in the country’s worst industrial disaster started promptly yesterday and was just as promptly adjourned.

    A total of 45 people faced trial, including eight former top managers from the Soma Komur group that ran the mine, who are charged with murder.

    The judge had ruled the eight would give evidence via video link because of security concerns. But the proceedings were swiftly halted to allow them to appear in person, following angry protests by bereaved relatives.

    The judge adjourned the trial until tomorrow.

    The underground fire last May, which led to the release of deadly gases underground, exposed Turkey’s appalling industrial safety record and led to a public backlash.

    The victims’ families say the mine owners pursuit of profit resulted in “working conditions worthy of slavery.”

    Prosecutors have requested that any sentences add 25 years for every one of the 301 victims.


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