Birdwatching for conservation in the USA

This video from the USA says about itself:

On April 27, 2012, the expert birders on Team Sapsucker recorded 264 species in 24 hours—a pace of 11 new species every hour of the day, including before dawn and after sunset. This video condenses those 24 hours into 4 minutes. Watch as the birds flash by.

Note: Video shows 236 of the 264 species seen. These photos were not taken during the Big Day. For a list of species names for each photo, visit here.

From the Cornell Lab of Ornithology in the USA today:

A “Gigante” Day of Birding Raises Needed Conservation Funds

On Saturday, May 3, the Cornell Lab’s Team Sapsucker saw an astonishing 275 bird species in one day. The team started with 8 owls before dawn in Tucson, Arizona, and finished with a Wandering Tattler‘s shrill cry in the San Diego night—a route they dubbed “El Gigante.” It was the second highest North American big day ever recorded, after the team’s 294-species day last year in Texas. We have a full recap of the day on our blog. Big Day is our biggest conservation fundraiser of the year. Thanks to all who have supported us—and if you haven’t donated yet, please help us reach our goal of $400,000 by donating here.

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