Greek demonstration against neo-nazism in Ukraine

Part of the rally against neo-nazis outside the EU offices in Athens on Tuesday evening

From daily News Line in Britain:

Thursday, 8 May 2014


SOME 300 members of the Athens Ukrainian community, including relatives of the Greek-Pontus minorities in the Ukraine and the Crimea, along with contingents of Greek left-wing political parties, staged a militant demonstration at the European Union Offices in central Athens on Tuesday evening.

They were protesting against the EU’s support to the coupist Ukrainian regime. Demonstrators then marched to the US Embassy where they handed a resolution against the US support for the fascists.

At the rally outside the EU Athens Offices Panagiotis Khsantopoulos, the President of the Greek Association of the Pontian Scholars, who have emigrated to Greece from the Black Sea communities in the Ukraine and Russia, called for a struggle to ‘get the fascists out of the Ukraine’. He said that this Athens mobilisation must continue and he condemned ‘this shameful Greek government’ that supports the coupists in Kiev.

There were also speeches by Ukrainian women and a representative of the Greek anti-capitalist formation ANTARSYA who condemned the murder of workers by the fascists in the Odessa trade union building last Friday and the EU-USA support to the coupist Kiev government.

Outside the EU Offices Ukrainian women held makeshift placards stating ‘we want peace’, ‘fascists out’, ‘US EU stop supporting the Nazi coup in Ukraine’, ‘The Ukrainian fascists must be tried’ and ‘Stop Ukrainian genocide’. There were also banners stating ‘Stop neo-fascism in Ukraine’.

More about this demonstration (photos, Greek text) is at the ANTARSYA site.

This is a video about the demonstration.

New information, eyewitness testimony, photos and videos reveal the extent of the massacre carried out by fascist forces in the Ukrainian city of Odessa on May 2: here.

Leading German politicians, the military and media support the massive rearmament of NATO in Eastern Europe announced by NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen and NATO Supreme Commander Philip Breedlove in the past few days: here.

AS RUSSIA celebrated Victory Day over the Nazis with massive parades all over the country, Ukrainian troops using heavy weaponry and tanks in the eastern city of Mariupol killed more than twenty with many wounded: here.

Blackwater mercenaries direct Kiev regime’s crackdown in Ukraine: here.

John Pilger: In Ukraine, the US is dragging us towards war with Russia. Washington’s role in Ukraine, and its backing for the regime’s neo-Nazis, has huge implications for the rest of the world: here.

Kiev regime spurns German foreign minister’s call for “round table” talks with pro-Russian separatists: here.

Kiev government’s Azov battalion symbol like Hitler’s SS division Das Reich: here.

London: SCORES of anti-fascists laid siege to the Ukrainian embassy yesterday evening in a peaceful protest against Kiev’s crackdown on democracy: here.

The United States and Europe signaled their support for the Kiev regime’s “antiterror” operations to crush pro-Russian protesters in eastern Ukraine, even as the Kremlin indicated its support for so-called “round table” talks on Wednesday in Kiev and distanced itself from the protesters: here.

UKRAINE’S Communist Party (CPU) remained defiant today after the coup regime in Kiev made a bid to ban it: here.

19 thoughts on “Greek demonstration against neo-nazism in Ukraine

  1. Excuse me if I’m wrong; the left-wing political parties supports Russia against EU? They are really confused, I believe. I also didn’t get why Greeks are so sensitive about the issue.


    • I did not hear anything about supporting the Russian government in this demonstration. The European Union “austerity” policies have wrecked Greece, and many Greeks suspect the Ukrainian economy will go the same way. And, the Greek Golden Dawn nazis kill immigrant workers, refugees, rappers, etc. So, many people in Greece and elsewhere are not happy that the Svoboda neonazis, the Ukrainian equivalent of Golden Dawn, are now part of the government.

      Also, most of the demonstrators in Athens were Ukrainians living in Greece, so very understandably sensitive on this.


  2. From the USA:

    Call for Emergency Antiwar Actions – May 9 to May 26

    US/NATO war moves in Eastern Europe, the Black Sea, and the Baltic Sea – the borders of Russia – are a danger to the whole world. Positioning destroyers and missiles, scheduling war games, and imposing sanctions (an act of war) risk wider war.

    We are deeply disturbed by the expansion of the U.S.-commanded NATO military alliance and U.S. recognition and speedy grant of billions in loans to a right-wing coup government in Ukraine, which overthrew the elected government. This illegal government has used fascist violence against all forms of peoples’ resistance in Ukraine.

    By more than 2 to 1, the population in the U.S. is against another war and opposed to US military moves or aid to the coup government in Ukraine (4-28-14 Pew/USA Today poll).

    We must make our voices heard.

    The time to act is now!

    We need jobs, health care and social services, not another war.

    We urge nationally coordinated antiwar actions across the U.S. and internationally – protests, vigils, teach-ins, antiwar resolutions and visits to offices of elected officials.

    From May 9 to May 26 let us act together, in unity, as a powerful voice against the threat of another war.

    Ukraine National Actions May. 9-26 endorsements (list in formation):

    National and International groups:

    United National Antiwar Coalition (UNAC)
    International Action Center
    Code Pink
    ANSWER Coalition
    U.S. Peace Council
    Veterans For Peace
    Alliance for Global Justice,
    Black Agenda Report
    International League for Peoples Struggles,
    Mobilization to Free Mumia Abu-Jamal
    May 1 Worker & Immigrant Rights Coalition,
    Lynne Stewart Defense Committee
    Colectivo Honduras USA Resistencia,
    Pakistan USA Freedom Forum,
    Fight Imperialism Stand Together – FIST,
    People’s Power Assembly
    People’s Organization for Progress
    The Move Organization
    International Concerned Family and Friends of Mumia Abu-Jamal

    Individual signers:

    Ramsey Clark
    Medea Benjamin
    David Swanson
    Ray McGovern
    Margaret Kimberley, Black Agenda Report
    Suren Moodliar, Massachusetts Global Action & Green shadow Cabinet
    Bishop Filipe Teixeira OFSJC – CCA
    Steve Gillis – Vice Pres. USW local 8751 Boston school Bus Union
    Leila Zand, Fellowship of Reconciliation

    Local Groups

    Bethlehem Neighbors for Peace (Albany)
    Chicago Anti-War Committee
    MN Anti-War Committee,
    Women Against Military Madness – WAMM,
    Minnesota Peace Action Coalition,
    Jersey City Peace Movement,
    Philly Against War
    Peace Action – Manhattan
    Michigan Emergency Coalition Against War & Injustice (MECAWI)
    Chelsea Coalition on Housing
    Women’s fightback Network – Boston
    Rochester Against War
    US Friends of The Soviet People (Minnesota Chapter)
    Mayday Bookstore
    Veterans for Peace (Twin Cities chapter 27)
    Massachusetts Global Action
    Northhampton committee to Stop Wars


  3. This was demonstrated last week on Victory Day (celebrating the victory of the Ukraine over Nazi Germany) when the governor of southern region of Kherson addressing the public meeting called Hitler a ‘liberator’.

    In this region over 105,000 were murdered by the Nazis, while a further 60,000 were sent to labour camps. The thousands in the audience booed and shouted ‘shame’ at the governor and a woman stormed the platform and threw his microphone away.


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  8. 1) Germany: protests against Jazenjuk
    No to the aggressive line against Russia

    On May 29 Ukraine’s acting prime minister Jazenjuk was invited to Aachen, Germany, to laud van Rompuy who has been awarded the Charlemagne prize. Along with him came representatives of Georgia and Moldavia, both countries within the Russian sphere of influence leaning towards the west. The entire event was meant as a political signal against Russia.



    2) President Oligarch — the natural result of Euromaidan
    Statement of Union Borotba (Struggle) on Ukraine’s “elections of blood”

    The so-called elections, held by the Kiev junta on May 25, cannot be considered fair or legitimate. Elections held in the midst of civil war in the East of the country and neo-Nazi terror in the South and Center were not free.


  9. Demonstrations in several European cities supporting the uprising in the eastern Ukraine

    In several European cities, there have been demonstrations and protests against the fascists in Kiev and in support of the people in the Eastern Ukraine. Below there are links to shorts films and photo’s of the demonstrations and manifestations. The people who took part also voices a strong protest against the media lies in the west about de civil war in the Ukraine.

    Demonstration May 31 2014, Berlin

    Demonstration The Hague June 07 2014

    Interview about the current situation recorded in Paris

    Source: The Red Banner Focus on Russia 10-06-2014


  10. ANTI-FASCISTS in north-east England have launched a campaign of solidarity with the anti-fascist Resistance organisation in Ukraine.

    The launch came at a meeting on Wednesday at Newcastle’s Centre Against Unemployment.

    Similar groups are springing up across Europe following reports that far-right activists from European countries are turning up in Ukraine as “volunteers” to fight alongside fascist forces.

    Western governments have been supporting western Ukraine authorities whose make-up includes openly fascist and neonazi organisations.

    Fascist groups have attacked and wrecked trades union offices and a gay club in Ukraine, while the interim government in the west is attempting to ban the Communist Party, which won 2.7 million votes at Ukraine’s last elections.

    In June 150 people attended a meeting in London in solidarity with Ukraine’s Antifascist Resistance.

    Ukrainian miners’ leaders were among the guests who spoke at the Durham Miners’ Gala on Saturday and received a warm reception.


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