Peace and Justice Award, thanks Marlyn!

Peace and Justice Award

My dear blogging friend Marlyn of the blog Kintal has been so kind to nominate Dear Kitty. Some blog for the Peace and Justice Award.

According to idealisticrebel, founder of this award::

“I am creating this award to honor WordPress bloggers who support Peace and Justice throughout the world and who are against Racism, Bigotry, Anger and Hatred. It is for the Heroes and the Sheroes who believe in One World and All People of all Races, Sexes, Religions, Creeds and Cultures Living in Harmony.”

Here are the rules for the award:

Recipients should frequently write about Peace, Justice, Love — the goodness in the world, or putting goodness in the world.
Recipients may also frequently call attention to the bigotry or racism that happens in the world.
Link back to whomever nominated you and, since this is about goodness, politely thank them.
Spread the love to whomever and however many you believe deserve it!

My nominees are:

1. stopwarca

2. baarbaarathesheep

3. Central Oregon Coast NOW

4. Leicester WILPF

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