4 thoughts on “Colombian, Kenyan flower industry workers exploited

  1. Kenya flower farm strike

    Around 600 workers at the Red Land Roses flower farm, Ruiru, Kenya went on strike last week, protesting poor working conditions. Most of the flower workers are paid SH6, 300, ($72) a month. They are also demanding their employer honour an agreement over transport allowances. One worker said he had been hit with a metal bar over the head by a supervisor and suffered head injuries.

    The farm workers are also demanding lunch breaks. They say they are overworked and cannot eat their packed lunch until 4pm. The police responded to the nonviolent strike by throwing teargas canisters at the workers, including some pregnant women.



  2. Protest by Kenyan flower workers

    Workers at the Karuturi Flower Farm, Naivasha, Kenya, which is under receivership, went on a go-slow to protest the sacking of seven union officials last week. The seven union officials are accused of inciting their fellow workers.

    A Kenyan Plantation Workers Union spokesman said the sackings followed a meeting which had been called on the issue of proposed wage increases.



  3. Kenyan flower growers demand hygienic work conditions

    Some 2,000 Kenyan workers at Karutura Flower Farm (rebranded Twiga Roses) have gone on strike demanding the provision of soap. One worker explained the farm is obliged to provide the soap but has failed to do so for the last five months.

    A representative of the Kenyan Agricultural Workers Union said the soap was only a minor issue and that the company was sitting on a time bomb. He followed up by saying the company had not passed on union subscriptions for the last five months.



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