Edward Snowden computer game

This video from the USA says about itself:

Clever Denials Surrounding the NSA PRISM Piracy Scandal

Peter Eckersley from the Electronic Frontier Foundation stopped by to explain why Silicon Vally’s top tech companies are dancing around PRISM allegations. Interview recorded Friday June 7, 2013.

Dutch law student Robin Ras has made computer games about rapper Kanye West bumping into a street sign; and about British Prince Harry, trying to escape while naked from a hotel in Las Vegas in the USA.

Now, he has made a game about Edward Snowden, whistleblower of the PRISM spying scandal.

Translated from an interview with Robin Ras in Dutch daily Metro, 8 July 2013:

How does the game work exactly?

All gamers assume the role of Snowden. You walk into the headquarters of the U.S. secret service NSA along computers and try to copy various kinds of data. Then, you throw the USB sticks out of the window. That is not easy! As you must outsmart all kinds of guards. Ways to do that may include hiding behind flags and paintings or throwing donuts as diversion.

We meet Obama as well …

Right. At the last level you have to copy data from his computer. This is only possible at times when Obama falls asleep at his desk. A difficult task, but if it succeeds, things will also go well for Snowden.

Tell …

Snowden boarding an aircraft and little later lying on the beach. Let’s hope things will turn out for him as well in real life.

The game is becoming a real hype …

Indeed. It’s been played by hundreds of thousands of gamers worldwide. I never expected it to be so popular. It was intended mainly as a joke. But that it is played by such a large group does indicate that many people are interested in the topic.

U.S. Allies Violate International Law Pursuing Snowden: here.

Staff from the National Security Agency got more than they bargained for when they attempted to recruit students to their organisation earlier this week: here.

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