Prehistoric human intercontinental migration map

This video says about itself:

This video traces our migration out of Africa and explains, through DNA evidence, how humans colonized the world.

From the California Academy of Sciences in the USA:

Scientists have pieced together an outline of the Human Odyssey, using evidence gathered from archeological sites, climate conditions, and genetic material from human fossils.

Retrace the many paths of the Human Odyssey from our origins in Africa to our spread across 83% of the world’s surface.

The map about this is here.

Fossils suggest our ancestors may have reached China 100,000 years ago: here.

3 thoughts on “Prehistoric human intercontinental migration map

  1. This is amazing. I’ve seen Cheddar Man, and love the fact that a direct descendant was found 9000 years later, living only half a mile away! I participated in the National Geographic Genographic DNA study. So cool! Thanks for sharing.


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