Linking to other WordPress blogs

This video is called How To Use

How to make links to other websites? For instance, if another blogger is so kind to nominate you for an award, and you want to nominate other bloggers, passing the award on?

What I write now should work for linking to WordPress blogs. Probably for other sites as well, though I have not really tried 🙂

1. Change your new blog post (about an award, etc.) to Visual mode.

2. Then, copy the title (top of the other site) of the site to which you want to link.

3. Then, paste it to your new blog post. Both the title and its URL are copied this way.

This is especially useful if you want to link to a site with a title in Cyrillic, Armenian, Japanese, Arabic, etc.

If I link this way to the site Кровли и Фасады (site of a business in Russia), then both the Cyrillic title and the link to it are copied.

I wanted to use Arlen Shahverdyan’s site as an example of how to copy both title and URL. However, on my blogroll that site is still in the Armenian alphabet; but meanwhile, Arlen has changed his blog title to the Latin alphabet.

So, I used the Russian site (the only non-Latin alphabet site which I was able to find soon) as an example.

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