5 thoughts on “Disabled people fight for their rights

  1. I went to this club in Yonkers called McNabbs several years back. While there I was surprised to see a woman who had metal braces on both her legs and was seeing a metal band. She stated that there was no handicap parking in front of the club and that she needed help to walk around the building where her handicap van had to be parked. She stated that her legs were too weak to make the long walk. I asked some of the men if they could or would help her and those requests went ignored by all of them there. I was so turned off by all of those guys after that night. They should have at least respected me enough for wanting them to help her. But they didn’t and after that I complained to the Yonkers Parking bureau in regard to it. My concerns went basically unreplied. I couldn’t carry her myself as she was struggling and crying to be strong enough to make it to her van. I was unable to unlock the handicap vans gadgets myself in order to drive it myself to the front entrance. Those metalheads were pathetic for men that night. And I was always the one that always came to their defense when there was ever an altercation/fight/etc at any and all clubs with metalheads/rockers in the past. The ER Nurse was always available. But after that night I would rather walk on them than ever help any of them again. She was a woman in need and they were lazy dispicable monsters for not assisting her. Why did I ever help them in the past to begin with? I pitied them for being drunk and starting fights all of the time. Yonkers needs handicap parking in front of clubs. End of story. Especially if men like them are dirtbag arrogant lazy pigs. They do not deserve a nurse like me to help any of them as far as I am concerned. They are all unworthy. Let them all kill eachother from now on. I am busy.

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