Lockheed merchant of death sacked for marital infidelity

As we wrote today, CIA boss General Petraeus resigns, not because of war crimes under his watch in Iraq or Afghanistan, or of CIA torture. Not because of rape. Because of a consensual sexual relationship.

On the same day, the same happens with the boss of Lockheed Martin merchants of death corporation. Not for being a merchant of death. Not because of rape. Because of a consensual sexual relationship.

This video is about Lockheed Martin and the census in Britain.

From the BBC:

9 November 2012 Last updated at 22:42 GMT

Lockheed Martin executive quits over relationship

US defence company Lockheed Martin says its incoming president and chief executive officer has resigned over a relationship with a subordinate.

Christopher Kubasik resigned after an internal ethics investigation confirmed the “close personal relationship”, the company said in a statement.

He was due to take over as head of the company next year after serving as its chief operating officer.

Another Lockheed executive, Marillyn Hewson, will now become CEO in January.

Lockheed Martin is a defence and aerospace company based in Maryland that employs some 120,000 worldwide.

Its net sales for 2011 were $46.5bn (£29bn).

11 thoughts on “Lockheed merchant of death sacked for marital infidelity

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