Stop killing Washington wolves

This video is called International Wolf Center – 21 September 2012 – Activity After a Feeding.

From Wildlife Extra:

US Senator complains about wolf pack killing in his own state

Washington State eliminates wolf pack

September 2102. Washington State Senator Kevin Ranker, who is the chairman of the Washington State Senate committee that oversees The Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW), has issued a terse letter to the WDFW describing its recent decision to exterminate an entire wolf [pack] in Washington State as “a serious failure.”

The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) undertook the extermination of the pack of wolves in Northeast Washington and an agency marksman killed the pack’s alpha male just south of the Canadian border. The alpha male wolf was shot from a helicopter; it was the last of the six of wolves from the Wedge Pack that were killed by the ‘Wildlife’ Service, including the alpha female.

Ranker’s letter outlines “deep concerns” over Fish and Wildlife’s management of the Wedge Pack. He points out that state guidelines require ‘non-lethal methods of wolf management’ be used first, something he said did not happen.

Press reports indicate that the Wedge wolf pack were preying on one rancher’s stock, and that that rancher persuaded the WDFW to eliminate the pack despite the fact that few serious efforts had been made to deter the Wedge pack from predating the livestock.

October 2013. The U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service is requesting assistance with an investigation involving the suspected illegal killing of a second radio-collared red wolf that was recently found dead. The wolf was found with a suspected gunshot wound east of Belhaven, in Beaufort County, North Carolina: here.

In what can only be described as a growing and worrying trend, a 4th Red wolf has been shot dead in North Carolina since September. This fourth wolf was found with a suspected gunshot wound on November 14, 2012, north of Fairfield, in Hyde County, N.C. It’s the fourth radio-collared red wolf taken since September: here.

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