Workers, shot in 1902, discovered at last?

This is a Dutch video about Marienburg plantation and the 1902 workers’ uprising, suppressed violently by Dutch soldiers.

In 1902, Dutch colonial armed forces killed twenty-four, maybe more, striking workers of Marienburg plantation in Suriname.

As I wrote earlier on this blog:

“Well”, said the ex Marienburg worker, “24 is only the number of the mortal victims whose name is known. So, probably more. After the massacre, the dead bodies of the victims were buried in a mass grave. Then, quicklime was thrown over the dead bodies to erase the evidence of the army’s violence. The bodies have never been found again.”

Now, Surinamese archeologist Benjamin Mitrasingh wants to find what out where the Dutch army dumped the dead bodies. He wants to use aerial photographs for this. The effects of the quicklime should be visible from the air.

The mass grave is supposedly near the railroad. After the massacre, it became illegal for people to come near the graves. in Suriname reports:

He will try to get the money needed for the research in the Netherlands. “We will focus on companies such as the ABN Amro bank, the successor corporation to the Nederlandsche Handel-Maatschappij [Dutch Trading Company], then, the plantation owners,” said Mitrasingh.

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