18 thoughts on “US drones kill Yemen civilians

  1. Aden University staff continue pay strike

    Administrative staff at Aden University, in Yemen, continued their strike for a second week. They closed the University Presidency Gate in protest against salaries that are lower than their colleagues at Sana’a University.

    “The strikers also demanded the official hiring of almost 200 workers who have been working on contracts; this also occurs with employees at Sana’a University,” reported the Yemen Times, Monday.

    Lutfi Bakhwar, the general secretary of the Aden University Employees Union, said the strike and the closing of the University presidency would continue until the issues were addressed.


    Yemeni security guards go on strike over work hours and pay

    Security guards at the Al-Sharq Masood Security Company, who guard the Liquid Natural Gas Company’s (LNG) facilities in Balhaf, Shabwa, announced a strike over work hours and pay for an hour per day starting on Friday, June 22.

    The guards threatened to increase their strike to three hours on Sunday because the security company didn’t pay attention to their demands three months ago, according to Saleh Al-Madhaji, head of the company laborers’ union.

    The Al-Sharq Masood Security Company workers’ union in Balhaf issued the escalating strike plans. The liquid gas project in Balhaf is the largest gas project the Yemeni government operates. It exports gas to the world market from the harbour.


    Lebanese civil servants strike to demand wage increase

    Civil servants staged a three-hour strike Tuesday to urge the cabinet to approve a wage increase for public workers.

    The strike was called by the Unions’ Coordination Committee. It included employees of the Economy Ministry, the Culture Ministry and the Central Inspection Department.

    Civil servants in the east’s Baalbek and Hermel, Mount Lebanon’s Aley, the north’s Akkar, Bsharri, Koura and Mina-Tripoli, and the south’s Nabatieh stopped working for several hours. In some towns and cities, the strikers held sit-ins.


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