German President resigns (?) in corruption scandal

This video from Germany is called Survey: How much public support does Christian Wulff still have?

From AGI news agency in Italy:

German President Wulff will speak at 11 am and maybe resign

10:17 17 FEB 2012

(AGI) Berlin – The crisis in Germany’s Cabinet is witnessing a dramatic acceleration. German President Christian Wulff announced that he will be making a statement at 11 o’clock this morning in which, according to many observers, he will probably resign. On Wednesday evening, the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Hannover opened an investigation on the President in a case of abuse of public office: he is charged with having obtained a 500,000 Euro loan from an entrepreneur friend of his at a favorable 4% interest rate. The last straw was represented by the news that he had stayed 3 nights at a hotel in the Sylte Islands at 258 Euros a night, again paid by another entrepreneur acquaintance who Wulff claims he paid back in cash. . .

Wulff only recently became President of Germany. His predecessor Köhler, a conservative CDU party man like Wulff, had been forced to resign. Not because of corruption, but because he had told the truth about the big business real reasons for the Afghan war.

UPDATE: Wulff has indeed resigned because of the scandal. See also here. And here. And here.

Was Islamaphobia to blame for the resignation of Germany’s president? Here.

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