Whales near the Newcastle to Amsterdam ferry

This September 2018 video says about itself:

Here we take a look at all of the living families that make up the two main groups of cetaceans – the toothed whales and the baleen whales.

From Wildlife Extra:

Cetacean sightings from the Newcastle to Amsterdam ferry

Cetacean sightings on DFDS Seaways ferries in the North Sea

DFDS have been monitoring cetacean sightings on their ferry trips between Newcastle and Holland. DFDS state “We see harbour porpoises all year round (when the daylight hours allow); We also have regular sightings of white-beaked dolphins and Minke whales in the summer months (June-September). We also get occasional sightings of common dolphins and have even seen a thresher shark on the route last year. Most of the sighting are along the coasts, within an hour sailing from Newcastle and Amsterdam.”

The fact that DFDS are recording white-beaked dolphins is interesting as the North East of England is thought to be the most southern part of the North Sea where they are regularly seen – they like cold water.

Minke whale washes ashore at Spurn Point: here.

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