Bahraini woman pro-democracy activist interviewed

Video blog –Bahrain uprising: a woman activist speaks out. Read more here.

United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay said that in Bahrain, “although some security officers have reportedly been arrested, we have yet to see any prosecution of security forces for civilian injuries and deaths” during the government crackdown earlier this year. Not only did Pillay note the Government of Bahrain’s failure to prosecute these security forces, but she also said, “We continue to receive reports of the repression of small protests in Bahrain”: here.

Trade unions in India and Bahrain have joined hands to tackle exploitation of workers from Kerala and prepare them so they know their rights when they land in Bahrain and other Gulf countries: here.

Bahrain: Due to tear gas, woman(55 years) tongue twisted, unable to talk for hour, unable to reach hospital due to riot police: here.

Two weeks in Bahrain’s military courts. The families of six of the hundreds of people given long jail sentences speak out about the “abuse of justice”: here.

Bahrain: Dozens of Miscarriage And Spontaneous Abortion Cases As A Result Of The Excessive Use Of Tear Gas: here.

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