Kuwaitis protest against corruption and dictatorship

This video says about itself:

Amid chants of ‘peace’ and ‘peaceful’ pro-democracy demonstrations in Kuwait, Friday, March 11, 2011. Stateless nomadic Kuwaitis, born and raised in Kuwait, are protesting for the right to citizenship after Friday Jummah (congregation) prayers let out of the mosques, in a ‘day of rage’ protest across the Gulf, in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.

Mohammed abd el Fattah reports about Kuwait, that thousands of people have demonstrated against corrupt links between bankers and politics in the absolute monarchy.

Many women and children participated in the protest. There were calls for the prime minister to resign. According to AFP news agency, after police had attacked the protesters, some of them managed to enter the parliament building.

These happenings in Kuwait today show that, though it is November now, the Arab Spring, like the Occupy Wall Street movement, is not by any means dead. Also not in the Arab peninsula monarchies.

Today, Dutch news sites reported that Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands plans to go to another Gulf monarchy, Oman, on 8 January 2012, on a state visit. Earlier this year, Beatrix had to call off a state visit, intended to help Dutch bloody weapons of war exporters and other businessmen, because of mass demonstrations by Omani workers. It is possible that by January, the flame of pro-democracy rebellion in Kuwait will have re-ignited Oman. And that the Dutch queen will have to call off her weapons-selling state visit again.

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