Crayfish and buzzard

This 2016 video is about the red swamp crayfish.

This morning, to the old harbour.

Mallards, coots.

A bit further in the canal, a moorhen with chicks.

Two great cormorants diving.

Two speckled wood butterflies flying around each other.

Chiffchaff and robin sound.

Near the stone bridge, an assistant to a biology teacher has caught a red swamp crayfish.

As a big school of young rudd passes, she tries to catch one of the little fish for a demonstration at her educational institution. However, the fish manage to avoid the net.

In the Corversbos nature reserve, nuthatch sound.

This is a buzzard video.

A buzzard flies away from a tree, circling above the field together with another buzzard.

As we walk back to the canal under the stone bridge, a pondskater.

January 2012. The Environment Agency is using radio transmitters to locate and track a ferocious predator invading English waterways. The virile crayfish, a highly aggressive non-native crayfish, is slowly invading waterways in East London. This unwanted visitor preys on native wildlife and spreads crayfish plague, a disease deadly to native white clawed crayfish: here.

How different species of invasive crayfish interact with each other and affect their local environment has been uncovered for the first time by scientists at Queen Mary University of London: here.

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