Chileans keep fighting for education

This video is called Chilean students demand education reform.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Chilean students set to keep protesting despite talks

Sunday 04 September 2011

Student and teachers’ union leaders said today that they are ready to continue mass demonstrations for free education after a four-hour meeting with President Sebastian Pinera.

Saturday’s talks were the first face-to-face meeting between the government and protest leaders after over three months of marches, class boycotts, hunger strikes and clashes with police.

Education Minister Felipe Bulnes described the meeting as “very positive” and said there had been agreement “on a great number of points.” He pledged to release a schedule for further negotiations tomorrow.

The students were more cautious. University student leader Camila Vallejo said the talks were “the first opportunity for all sides to clearly present their positions” and the government could expect a response to its proposals on Tuesday.

Students and education staff have demanded that the government reverse decades of privatisation and bar government-funded educational institutions from making private profits.

Chile: Worker protests join student rising: here.

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