Chilean police violence against students

This video from yesterday is called Police Use Water Cannons On Protesting Students In Santiago, Chile.

Chilean students called on government officials today to guarantee free state education for all at the start of talks aimed at diffusing five months of mass protests that have shut down schools and universities: here.

Chilean girls stage ‘occupation’ of their own school in education rights protest: here.

Chilean students vowed today not to give in to intimidation a day after a march for free education was attacked by police: here.

Using mounted police charges, rubber bullets, teargas and water cannon, the right-wing government of President Sebastián Piñera violently suppressed a student march last Thursday in Chile: here.

5 thoughts on “Chilean police violence against students

  1. Students break off government talks

    CHILE: Student leaders broke off negotiations with the government on Wednesday complaining of official intransigence over their demands for free public education.

    Some indicated that students would return their focus to the street protests and campus occupations that have paralysed many universities and secondary schools for more than five months.

    Camila Vallejo, spokeswoman for leaders of students at 25 state universities, said government officials had shown “no real willingness to build a free public education of quality and democracy for everyone.”


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