Hurricane Irene threatens New York

This video from the USA is called 4:00 pm Hurricane Irene Carolina Beach, NC 8/26/2011.

From Al Jazeera:

Hurricane Irene has the skyscrapers of New York firmly in her sights and the Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s taking no chances. The time to leave is right now.

In an unprecedented move the mass transit system’s being shut down completely.

A mandatory evacuation ordered for low lying parts of the city – a quarter of a million people are being told to head for higher ground.

New York City: Rikers Island Prisoners Left Behind to Face Irene: here. And here.

Falling tree limb kills man in Nash County, N.C.; tropical storm conditions extend into Va., Md., Del.: here.

Hurricane Tracker Apps for iPad, iPhone, Android to Avoid Irene: here.

This site will focus on hurricane Irene (and its effects on our environment, especially birds) starting from August 24, 2011. This site will be updated twice daily (for one week) until Irene fades away around August 31.

Waiting for Irene, and remembering Katrina: here.

Hurricane Irene Update: here.

Track Hurricane Irene Up the East Coast: here.

First Irene-Related Deaths Reported: here.

Hurricane’s health risks likely to linger: here.

7 Surprises Hurricane Irene May Have In Store: here.

Nuclear Reactors on East Coast Brace for Hurricane Irene’s Wrath: here.

Connecticut, New York work with Nature Conservancy to prepare coasts for hurricanes: here.

2 thoughts on “Hurricane Irene threatens New York

  1. Take Action for Rikers Island Prisoners! Demand the City Create an Emergency Evacuation Plan

    New York City Mayor Bloomberg has announced that in the event of a hurricane, that he will not evacuate prisoners at Rikers’ Island, claiming instead to have a “contingency plan” in place. The experience of prisoners in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina shows that city authorities will abandon the basic rights of prisoners in the face of disaster.

    We can’t let Bloomberg get away with this!

    (1.) Demand the city create an emergency evacuation plan by 5pm today to evacuate prisoners at Rikers Island in the event that other areas in Zone B or C around Rikers Island are evacuated.

    Call NYC Deputy Mayor Linda Gibbs at (212) 788-2485
    Twitter: @NYCMayorsOffice

    (2.) Call on NY1 to investigate the status of the “contingency plan” for Rikers Island prisoners:
    Tel.: 212-691-6397

    (3.) Submit evacuation plan demand to city’s website:
    -Go to –this is a website set up by the city for people to submit weather-related service problems. Locate Rikers Island on the map and drag the red marker there.
    -Copy and paste this text (or write your own!):
    Title: Evacuation plan needed
    The city has no evacuation plan for Rikers Island, despite its low elevation and its nearly 13,000 prisoners. Please do not let these individuals, or the ones at the nearby floating Vernon C. Bain Correction Center, suffer.

    (4.) Please repost:

    Locked Up and Left Behind: New York’s Prisoners and Hurricane Irene
    James Ridgeway and Jean Casella | August 26, 2011 at 5:31 pm | Tags: Bloomberg, evacuation, Hurricane Irene, Rikers Island | Categories: New York, politics of punishment |
    Here is the FB event posted at:

    Here the URL to the blog and weblink


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