Shell’s North Sea pollution

This video is called Shell, governement spin machine keeps lid on worst UK oil spill for decade.

Environmental organisation WWF Scotland urged the government today to restrict all of oil giant Shell‘s operations in the North Sea until an independent audit had been carried out on its installations: here.

Just days after the Shell North Sea oil spill off the coast of Scotland, the Government is considering more drilling licences close to internationally important wildlife sites: here.

North Sea oil spill reveals risks of drilling in Arctic: here.

Protecting the Arctic from corporations searching for the world’s last untapped oil reserves will be the next key environmental battle, Greenpeace said today as it marked its 40th anniversary: here.

Britain: Environment campaigners Greenpeace accused a retired senior police officer today of infiltrating the group during the 1980s as part of a high-level campaign targeting green groups: here.

An oil spill in the Arctic would be almost impossible to clean up. Speak up for seals and whales here.

USA: Department Of Justice Investigates BP For Faulty Oil Spill Estimates (VIDEO): here.

Oil spill in Aruba: here.

Assisted by a cynical three-month “consultation” with the trade unions, Royal Dutch Shell will go ahead with the closure of its refinery at Clyde in Sydney’s western suburbs. By transforming the 85-year-old complex into a storage and distribution facility, the global giant will eliminate almost 500 jobs—those of 330 permanent workers and 200 maintenance contractors: here.

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