Dutch beavers do well

This video is called European Beaver (Castor fiber).

Translated from NOS TV in the Netherlands:

Beaver does well in Flevoland

Added: Wednesday, August 10, 2011, 13:24

There are more and more beavers in Flevoland province. In 2000 nine beavers were counted, there are now 74.

Flevoland countryside management believes that there are really over one hundred beavers, because one can never count all animals.

“The conditions are very favorable. There is much variety in food, nice places to build a lodge and few predators,” said Jeroen Reinhold of the countryside management.


About 20 years ago a number of beavers escaped from a park in Lelystad. The population has been well monitored by conservationists since.

To better protect beavers in Flevoland, the province in recent years looks more into the construction of banks. Beavers build their lodges near steep banks, preferably in water at least 50 centimeter deep.


The beavers have since spread throughout the Flevo polders. Beavers have also been seen in the Overijssel town Zalk, where 185 years ago, the last Dutch native beaver was beaten to death.

In 1988, the beaver was re-introduced in the Netherlands, in the Biesbosch.

October 2011. Two reports on the Scottish Beaver Trial in Argyll, published by Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH), show that beavers are changing some of the woodland structure but so far having little effect on fish in streams: here.

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