US gas injures Egyptian democrats

This video says about itself:

Cairo clashes video: Egypt riot cops fire tear gas, rubber bullets.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Protesters bombarded by US-made gas canisters

Thursday 30 June 2011

Two days of street battles in Cairo between protesters, police and the armed forces have left over 1,000 people injured.

Clashes began on Tuesday when police violently stopped around 100 people from attending a memorial service for those killed in the uprising which overthrew US-backed despot Hosni Mubarak.

Thousands more joined the protest in response to the police’s tactics.

“When I saw that, I didn’t care. I joined the protesters,” 27-year-old Ihab el-Manharawi told reporters. “People have changed, but they haven’t.”

The crowd then marched on the state television building and the Interior Ministry, chanting: “The people want to oust the field marshal” – a reference to Mohammed Hussein Tantawi, the chairman of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces which now rules the country.

By late afternoon the army had taken over from riot police, attacking protesters with tear gas and bullets, according to Amnesty International.

Gas canisters recovered by protesters were stamped: “Made in USA.”

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3 thoughts on “US gas injures Egyptian democrats

  1. Egypt: Suez Canal workers continue strike to demand resignation of Authority chairman

    Around 850 workers from two Suez Canal companies in the city of Ismailiya have been on strike for a fortnight to demand the resignation of Suez Canal Authority chairman Ahmed Fadel.

    Nasser Othman, treasurer of one of the workers’ syndicates in Ismailiya, told Ahram Online, “He violated his promise to resolve our troubles…so he’s supposed to leave…. Suez Canal’s Fadel incited the employees of the main canal operations against us. It was something like a counter-revolution.”

    Othman also said that protests by workers at the five other companies in Port Said and Suez were ongoing and making the same demand.

    Ahram Online also reported June 26, “Workers’ strikes at seven Suez Canal Authority companies have intensified over the 12 days, with protesters in the cities of Ismailiya and Suez blocking key roads on 20 June.”

    Port workers are demanding a 40 percent increase in basic salary, 7 percent bonus payments and an increase in their meal allowances.

    Workers claim they were promised raises in pay and bonuses by Ahmed Fadel, CEO of the Suez Canal Authority, on April 19.

    The Suez Canal is one Egypt’s main foreign currency earners, generating US$4.5 billion in 2009-2010.


    Palestinian workers strike over collective wage agreement reported on June 23 that Palestinian workers had begun an “unprecedented strike” against an Israeli-owned business over their working conditions.

    The 40 workers at the Sal’it Adumim quarry, in the West Bank, are demanding that management sign a collective wage agreement with the workforce. The workers decided to go on strike until management signs the agreement.


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