Egyptian, Iraqi pro-democracy fights continue

This video, recorded in Egypt, says about itself:

29 June 2011

There’s been fresh unrest in Cairo where at least 50 protesters have been injured in clashes with police. Dozens were also injured on Tuesday as hundreds of protesters took first to the Interior Ministry, and then shifted to Tahrir square, the epicentre of the revolution in February. Protesters are angry about the slow process of prosecuting security officers, accused of causing the deaths of more than 800 people, during the uprising that toppled Hosni Mubarak.

The US-backed military government in Egypt has carried out a bloody crackdown of thousands of protesters in Cairo’s Tahrir Square. Over one thousand have been injured, with dozens still hospitalized: here.

Egypt: Helwan teachers protest over job security احتجاج معلمي مديرية التربية والتعليم بحلوان: here.

Cairo does not have the only Tahrir square in the Middle East where an anti-democratic pro-Washington government violently attacks pro-democracy demonstrators. See this video.

This video says about itself:

OWFI Women attacked in Iraq Tahrir square June 10th

Iraqi women activists from OWFI participate in Tahrir square demonstration on June 10 to be assaulted by gangsters hired by Maliki’s government. 12 women’s organizations from around the world stand in solidarity with OWFI activists and demand that Iraqi government stops harassments of demonstrators, especially trying to humiliate women by sexual remarks and assaults.

5 thoughts on “Egyptian, Iraqi pro-democracy fights continue

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  3. Hundreds workers demonstrate in Tahrir Square to demand their rights.

    by National Iraqi News Agency on 17/11/2012

    Hundreds of workers protest.

    Baghdad/ NINA /– Hundreds of workers protested in Tahrir Square in central Baghdad this morning, to demand their rights and prosecute corrupt officials .

    The head of the General Federation of Trade Unions Qasim Al Shammari told NINA : “The goal of the demonstration is to eliminate corruption , prosecute corrupt officials , approval of the Unified Retirement Law, and enactment of the new social security system”.


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