Threatened roseate terns nesting on Florida wildlife building

Roseate terns

From Associated Press:

Threatened shorebirds establish colony atop Florida wildlife officials’ building in the Keys

June 25, 2011 – 3:01 am

MARATHON, Fla. — A flock of threatened shorebirds in the Florida Keys has found a home atop a building used by an agency tasked with protecting the species.

Breeding populations of roseate terns are found only in the Florida Keys and are protected by both the state and federal government.

The birds have established a major colony on the roof of a government building in Marathon used by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

State biologist Ricardo Zambrano says there are 67 nests atop the building. Gravel on the rooftop is similar in color and composition to the beaches where the birds would naturally nest.

Scientists blame habitat loss, increased predation and competition from other birds for the decline in the terns’ population to just 300 pairs in Florida.

Also about roseate terns: here.

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