Bahrain dictatorship’s crimes continue

These two videos from the USA are called Bahraini Human Rights Activists Report on Crackdown on Dissent by U.S.-Backed Bahrain Governement.

These video says about itself:

On 8th Day of Hunger Strike, Bahraini Activist Zainab Alkhawaja Urges U.S. to Press for Family’s Release

As the brutal crackdown on pro-democracy protesters continues in the Gulf state of Bahrain, we speak with Zainab Alkhawaja, whose father, husband and brother-in-law were detained last Saturday following a late night raid at their home. Zainab is on the eighth day of a hunger strike that she vows to continue until her family members are released. We also speak with Human Rights Watch researcher, Faraz Sanei, who just spent six weeks in Bahrain. “What we’re seeing in Bahrain today is a full-scale crackdown on any sort of dissent in the country,” Sanei says. “We are now seeing an absolute slide into a police state and dictatorship in Bahrain.” [includes rush transcript]

Bahrain 1st-Hand: When Security Forces Clamp Down: here.

Bahrain: Stop the attack on the trade union movement: here.

Security forces attacked tens of thousands of peaceful demonstrators in Hudaida in south-central Yemen on Monday, reportedly wounding at least 88. Over the weekend, as many as a million Yemenis rallied against the government: here.

18 thoughts on “Bahrain dictatorship’s crimes continue

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