Bahrain dictatorship kills woman, releases poetess Ayat al-Qurmezi

This video from the USA says about itself:

U.S. Defends Bahrain Dictatorship. TheRealNews

Husain Abdulla: Hypocrisy defending rebels in Libya but supporting regime in Bahrain


Paul Jay said “On Monday February 14th, approximately a thousand Saudi soldiers in armored vehicles entered Bahrain”; however Saudi Arabia entered Bahrain on March 14th.

From Scotland on Sunday:

Bahrain: Women dies following anti-government clash

Published Date: 17 July 2011

A WOMAN died following clashes between riot police and anti-government protesters in the Gulf kingdom of Bahrain, a rights campaigner claimed yesterday.

Nabeel Rajab, president of the Bahrain Centre for Human Rights, said 47-year-old Zainab Hasan Ahmed al-Jumaa suffocated after inhaling tear gas fired by riot police at demonstrators in her home town of Sitra last Friday.

Sitra is the center of the oil industry in Bahrain.

Her death brings to 33 the number of people killed since February, when Bahrain‘s Shia majority started to agitate for greater freedoms in the kingdom ruled by Sunni monarch Hamad bin Isa al-Khalifa.

Bahrain‘s interior ministry denied al-Jumaa’s death was linked to a police operation and said in a statement posted on its website that she had died of natural causes.

Meanwhile, a 20-year-old Bahraini poet, Ayat al-Qurmezi, sentenced to a year in prison said yesterday she had been released but banned from travel, and vowed to continue voicing demands for democratic reforms to the Gulf island kingdom’s constitutional monarchy.

It is really an euphemism to call the Bahraini absolute monarchy, occupied by troops from the Saudi Arabian dictatorship, a “constitutional monarchy”.

That Ayat al-Qurmezi, though unjustly arrested, tortured, and sentenced to a year in prison, is free … err, sort of free now, is a consequence of the campaign on her behalf in Bahrain and abroad. It shows that tyranny is not invincible, may be forced into retreating sometimes; and that the struggle by Ayat al-Qurmezi and others for real democracy to replace the dictatorship may win.

Bahrain: Systematic Attacks on Medical Providers: here.

Bahrain: 2 Filipinos working for Al Khalifa royal family not been paid in 13 months: here.

4 thoughts on “Bahrain dictatorship kills woman, releases poetess Ayat al-Qurmezi

  1. Police arrested for ‘excessive force’

    JORDAN: Four policemen have been arrested on suspicion of using excessive force against protesters at a pro-democracy sit-in last week.

    Activists trying to set up a protest camp in the capital Amman last Friday were attacked by police.

    At least 15 people were injured, including several photographers and journalists.

    Police spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Mohamed al-Khatib said today that a probe was investigating whether officers broke the law.


  2. Women arrested for driving cars

    SAUDI ARABIA: Two Omani women were detained today for driving cars, according to the country’s al-Hayat newspaper.

    Police seized the two after receiving a tip-off that they were driving on the road from Riyadh to Taef.

    Women are not allowed to drive in the fundamentalist kingdom.

    On June 17 42 women took to the road in a show of defiance which sparked internet calls to defy the ban.

    Five women were arrested for driving that month.

    An activist speaking anonymously said: “Women defy the ban each day,” noting that her mother had done so.


    Rights groups call for activists’ release

    UNITED ARAB EMIRATES: Amnesty and Human Rights Watch called on the government today to release five democracy activists from prison.

    The UAE has not faced major street demonstrations like those across much of the Middle East, but authorities have made pre-emptive attempts to clamp down on dissent.

    The five are charged with insulting the nation’s rulers and conspiring against the state.

    The UAE is a US-allied union of seven semi-autonomous states, each ruled by a hereditary sheikh.


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