Bahrain pro-democracy movement continues

This video is called Funeral chants call for Bahraini revolution.

Bahrain‘s Revolution Reaches What Could Become Decisive Phase. Husain Abdulla, Truthout: “The people’s revolution is on its track, calling for the removal of the regime and performing various activities on the road to victory. In the past week, several remarkable activities were undertaken with resounding success. First came the picketing of the financial harbor owned by the regime’s Prime Minister Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa. It was conducted at night when hundreds of protesters moved from their base at Pearl Square and took position near the main financial center. Then came the massive demonstration and picketing of the main torture headquarters at Bahrain‘s Fort, where a human wave flooded to highlight the role that place had been playing in torturing Bahrainis over the years. It stands as a reminder of the most brutal periods of the Al Khalifa reign of terror”: here.

Tear gas used on Bahrain protesters: Riot police also use rubber bullets to clear anti-government demonstrators: here.

This is a video of the 12 March pro-democracy march in Bahrain.

Bahrain students ‘attacked’ on campus: Supporters of the rulers of Bahrain threatened about 5,000 university students: here.

Bahraini Police Clash with Protesters Blocking Manama Highway: here.

This video is called University of Bahrain Peaceful protest 13 March 2011 (1).

Protesters seal off Bahrain’s financial center in Manama: here.

Jewish voices support Arab revolts: here.

Iraq: ‘We have no freedom or justice’: here.

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