Pro-democracy movements continue

About this video, Twitter says:

Video of protesters being dispersed with tear gas after today’s march on the court in Bahrain.

Police in Azerbaijan briefly detained at least 23 people attempting to hold an improvised anti-government demonstration in the capital Baku today: here.

British links to Azerbaijan dictatorship: here.

Growing protests in Bahrain and Oman – the poor relations in the oil-rich region – have rattled the other members of the six-nation Gulf Co-operation Council (GCC), raising concerns that the unrest tearing through the Middle East will affect Opec members: here.

Saudi Arabian security forces quell ‘day of rage’ protests: here.

Eyewitnesses said today that Yemeni security forces had opened fire on demonstrators during what appeared to be the biggest turnout to demand regime change in a month of unrest: here.

Iraqi protesters accused security forces today of detaining and beating them for taking part in demonstrations calling for better services and a corruption-free government: here.

Anti Iraq war demonstration: here.

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