Pro-democracy movements continue

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25 Feb 2011

Al Jazeera has obtained pictures which appear to show police firing at protesters in the Iraqi city of Fallujah.

At least 12 people are reported to have been killed as a series of anti-government rallies were held across the country.

Al Jazeera’s Jane Araff reports from the Iraqi capital Baghdad.

Iraqi and Arab demonstrators staged a sit-in outside the Arab League headquarters in Cairo today to demand the suspension of Iraq from the organisation over its crackdown on protests demanding clean government and social justice: here.

Interim Tunisian prime minister Beji Caid Essebsi unveiled a new administration on Monday and disbanded a widely hated police unit which spied on citizens under the Ben Ali regime: here.

Bahraini opposition groups announced today that they have founded a movement aiming to convert the kingdom into a republic: here.

Britain: Anti-arms campaigners have joined forces to demand that the government ends its support for the arms industry after it was revealed British firms armed despotic regimes in Libya and elsewhere: here.

Robert Naiman, Truthout: “Surely no one has been surprised to see Senator McCain engaged in what Defense Secretary Gates has rightly called ‘loose talk’ about the use of US military force in Libya. But to see Sen. John Kerry, the Democratic head of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee – the man who as a Vietnam veteran joined other anti-war veterans in asking who would be the last American to be asked to die in Vietnam – engage in such ‘loose talk’ – that is a more painful cut”: here.

2 thoughts on “Pro-democracy movements continue

  1. Prison revolt joins democracy calls

    Yemen: About 2,000 inmates have staged a revolt at a prison in Sanaa, taken a dozen guards hostage and joined calls by pro-democracy protesters for the country’s US-backed President Ali Abdullah Saleh to step down.

    A prison official said that unrest in the prison erupted on Monday night when prisoners set their mattresses ablaze and occupied the courtyard.

    The guards fired tear gas and gunshots into the air but couldn’t subdue the prisoners, he said.


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