Dutch queen not going to Oman

Demonstrators in Sohar, Oman

According to Dutch NOS TV, the planned state visit to Oman by Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands has been postponed.

Omani workers are demonstrating for democracy, and the absolute monarchy’s forces have killed demonstrators in Sohar city.

This is a video about a protest in Mascat, capital of Oman.

Given the new reality that’s unfolding every day in the Middle East and North Africa, sites like these are going to be crucial. Mideast Tunes puts the focus on young artists and musicians from around the region and in a multitude of genres: Afghanistan, Morocco, Syria, Oman, hip-hop, electro, punk, metal. If it manages to get your head bobbing, there’s a good chance it’s on Mideast Tunes: here.

Iraqi academic and activist Sami Ramadani argues that last Friday’s day of rage shows Iraqi premier Nouri al-Maliki is in danger of becoming the Mubarak of Baghdad: here.

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