Dutch Rightist government loses elections

Dutch Socialist Party election sign

Today, there were provincial elections in the Netherlands. Provincial representatives vote for the senate seats.

The first exit poll suggests that the two government parties in the Rightist coalition, CDA and VVD, will fail to get a majority. Even if their partner not officially in government, the xenophobic PVV of Geert Wilders is included, these three parties will get only 35 seats in the 75 seat senate.

UPDATE 3 March 2011: the election is too close to call. Much will depend on how exactly provincial legislators will vote for the senate in May.

1 thought on “Dutch Rightist government loses elections

  1. PVV provincial councillor has dual nationality, told no-one

    Thursday 10 March 2011

    A newly elected provincial councillor for the anti-Islam PVV in Gelderland has dual nationality, local paper the Gelderlander reports.

    Petra Kouwenberg’s party is totally opposed to dual nationality, especially for people in politicial jobs, claiming there is a risk of conflict of interest.

    Kouwenberg has Dutch and Turkish nationality but failed to inform party officials. She is one of six new PVV provincial councillors.



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