New frog species discovery in Vietnam

Rhacophorus vampyrus

From Wildlife Extra:

January 2011. From the far jungles of Vietnam Rhacophorus vampyrus – the Vampire Flying Frog – has emerged as a strange new species of frog, recently discovered by Australian Museum scientist Dr Jodi Rowley.

This unusual frog has adapted for life in trees, using webbed fingers and toes for moving from great heights and gliding, hence the ‘flying frog’ name. But it’s the strange black ‘fangs’ the species’ tadpoles display which have earned it a vampire nickname. The new species is known only to inhabit a high-elevation area of forest in southern Vietnam, breeding in holes in trees.

See also here.

Tree frog on clothesline: here.

Logged forests in Vietnam retain significant biodiversity, including dipterocarp trees: here.

2 thoughts on “New frog species discovery in Vietnam

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