Gamelan concert in the museum

This video from Indonesia is called gamelan gong kebyar from Bali.

On 14 November, there was a gamelan concert at the museum.

It was by the Sekar alit (“little flower’) orchestra, who play Balinese gamelan; usually faster than Javanese gamelan.

Most instruments in gamelan to Europeans look like metallophones. One of the gangsa (one type of metallophone) players told me that they would like to have more players, as at present not all instruments can be played at the same time. For instance, the big kettle gongs, which need to be played by two, prefersably four, people, were not played today, she said.

The director Henry Nagelberg played the kendang drum. The woman who played ugal (the highest metallophone) also had a central role.

During three pieces, there was also Balinese dancing by a group of five girls, aged about 8-12.

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