BP keeps polluting Gulf of Mexico

This video from the USA is called BP Execs Should Be Treated Like Criminals.

BP‘s top official upgrades Gulf oil spill impact to “environmental catastrophe”: here.

Put the oil spill in perspective. Here is a view of it over my home area.

Two workers injured in the Gulf of Mexico BP oil rig explosion told Congress on Thursday that the corporations in charge of the doomed drilling operation cut corners and neglected maintenance in order to ramp up profits: here.

Big Oil – two words that should strike fear into the hearts of aquatic life forms everywhere: here.

BP Stops the Well, but PR Disaster Continues: here.

Getting Naked to Expose BP: here.

National Wildlife Federation Scientist on CNN: Oil Ashore So Far “The Tip Of The Iceberg”: here.

BP’s OTHER Spill this Week: here.

Ex-EPA Officials: Why Isn’t BP Under Criminal Investigation? Here.

BP says only 30 acres of wetlands have been hit by oilspill. NWF flyover video tells a much different story: here.

Obama on oil leak: ‘I was wrong’: here.

BP Wants Cases Heard by Judge with Oil Ties: here.

2 thoughts on “BP keeps polluting Gulf of Mexico

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