Red-crested pochard in the Hague city center

The Hofvijver in the center of The Hague is a pond next to the Dutch parliament. These days, this area is not just interesting because the Dutch government may break up because of their disunity about the Afghan war.

It is also interesting because there is ice on three quarters of the Hofvijver. On the ice floes and in the open water, many birds gather, as daily Trouw reports.

Many moorhens, coots, black-headed gulls. A common pochard. And a red-crested pochard, a rare bird in the Netherlands.

This is a video from January 2010 of the Amsterdamse Waterleidingduinen nature reserve near Zandvoort in the Netherlands, and fallow deer and birds there; including red-crested pochards.

5 thoughts on “Red-crested pochard in the Hague city center

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