Whales and other marine animals near Scilly

This video is called The Isles Of Scilly Wildlife Trust.

From Wildlife Extra:

700+ whales and dolphins seen from Scilly ferry

17/11/2009 16:33:04

Cornish marine survey records 8 species from ferry

November 2009. Marine life surveys conducted onboard Scillonian III this season by the Isles of Scilly Wildlife Trust have turned up some fantastic results, confirming that this route between Penzance and St Mary’s is an excellent platform for wildlife watching.

The surveys, led by Paul Semmens, were have been conducted weekly on Wednesdays between April and the end of October. On the way out to the islands Paul recorded casual sightings while talking to passengers about marine conservation and wildlife spotting. On the way back from Scilly Paul joined the crew up on the bridge and kept a careful watch as he did a scientific transect survey.

The sightings, combined with observations given to the Isles of Scilly Wildlife Trust by the crew, gave a total of 786 sightings of at least 7 different marine animals.


2009 sightings

Common dolphin 458

Harbour porpoise 171

Basking shark 79

Bottlenose dolphin 27

Ocean sunfish 22

Minke whale 13

Risso’s dolphin 12

Unidentified cetacean 4

Number of each species seen during surveys from the Scillonian in 2009.

Minke Whales Are Not Preventing Recovery of Larger Whales: here.

Risso’s dolphins off the north coast of Scotland: here.

July 2010. A baby Risso’s dolphin has been found on Chesil Beach in Dorset. The young dolphin was possibly even a newborn as Risso’s dolphins are usually 4-5 feet long at birth. There are very few, if any, sightings off the Dorset Coast, though 2 dead Risso’s were found on another Dorset beach a few years ago. However they are reasonably common around the coasts of Cornwall, Wales and Scotland: here.

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