More wildlife than birds in British bird reserves

This video from Britain is called RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch January 25 & 26 2014.

From Wildlife Extra:

13,400 species on RSPB reserves – Less than 3% are birds

18/11/2009 10:34:25

RSPB reserves not just for birds, says new report.

November 2009. Less than three per cent of the species recorded on RSPB reserves are birds, according to a new report.

For the first time the RSPB’s annual report on its 200 reserves across the UK has collated records of all species together – and come up with some surprising results. Of the 13,400 species recorded on our reserves, more than half are insects, almost a quarter are fungi and 12 per cent are plants.

140,000 hectares

RSPB reserves cover 140,000 hectares across the UK – just 0.6% of the area of Britain – yet this land features 68% of Britain’s native plant species, 78% of its spiders, and all of its resident reptiles and dragonflies. …

Nationally important fungi sites – New species?

Gurney added “The RSPB’s woodland reserves are great places to go to discover fascinating fungi, and now is the perfect time of year to do it. Our reserves at Abernethy in Inverness-shire and Tudeley Woods in Kent are nationally important sites for the rare tooth fungi. Surveys there have already revealed two species new to Britain and experts believe another species may prove to be entirely new to science.

“And while our reserve at Minsmere in Suffolk is a mecca for birdwatchers, mycologists have found over 1,500 species of fungi there, including the endangered bearded tooth fungus. We are grateful to all the dedicated enthusiasts like these, who have helped us record wildlife on our reserves.”

41 mammal species, 500+ spiders

The 3,136 recorded fungus species on RSPB reserves are only 21% of the total number of known UK fungi. However our reserves do have 75% of Britain’s vascular plant species (1,137), 77% of grasshopper and cricket species (23), 78% of spider species (505) and 93% of land mammal species (41). All the native British species of cockroaches (3), earwigs (4), dragonflies (45), lampreys and hagfish (3), and terrestrial reptiles (6) can be found on RSPB reserves.

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