World’s second longest insect in botanical garden

This video says about itself:

Believe it or not but this long thing isn’t adult yet… it gets twice the size. Spieces: Phobaeticus serratipes Instar: 5th Gender: female Length: 30 cm

Translated from Groninger Internet Courant in the Netherlands:

The world’s second longest insect can be seen by the public now in the insectarium of the botanical garden in Haren. This stick insect is a Phobaeticus serratipus.

sic; serratipes

This species may reach about 50 cm long, including the legs. The longest insect, also a Phobaeticus species, is 55 cm. The animals here, juveniles still, are already over 30 cm. Newly born animals, called nymphs, are already about 8 cm.

Some of the strangest (and large!) insects in the world: here.

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