Honduran dictators attack civil liberties

This video says about itself:

Thousands of Hondurans took to the streets this day (8-10-09) demanding the return of their elected government and President, Zelaya. Filmed by Shaun Joseph.

From British daily The Morning Star:

Coup plotters try to silence resistance

Monday 28 September 2009

LITTLE COMPETITION: A soldier reads El Heraldo while on guard near the Brazilian embassy in Tegucigalpa. The pro-coup newspaper bragged on Monday that government edicts were only being aimed at dissenting media such as Channel 36 and Radio Globo

Honduran coup chiefs suspended constitutionally guaranteed civil liberties on Sunday night in a pre-emptive strike against democracy activists.

The repressive measure was launched three months to the day after the ousting of President Manuel Zelaya.

National Front Against the Coup activists vowed to ignore the decree and march in the streets as planned.

The decree gives authorities the green light to ban public meetings, detain people without warrants and close news media outlets.

It was announced just hours after Mr Zelaya called on his backers to stage mass protest marches in what he called a “final offensive” against the increasingly isolated regime.

Mr Zelaya, who has now been holed up in the Brazilian embassy in Tegucigalpa for over a week, called on his supporters not to be provoked into violence.

But he insisted that the coup chiefs, who have snubbed repeated calls from the international community to form a national unity government under the constitutional premier, must ultimately be forced from office.

Talks between Mr Zelaya and interim officials aimed at resolving the political standoff triggered by the coup have gone nowhere.

And prospects for a compromise deal appeared to recede further after the government expelled at least four members of a team from the Organisation of American States who had arrived on Sunday to re-open negotiations.

OAS special adviser John Biehl told reporters that he and four other members of the advance team – including two US citizens, a Canadian and a Colombian – were stopped by pro-coup forces after landing at Tegucigalpa’s airport on Sunday.

Mr Biehl, who is Chilean, said that he had later been told he could stay, but the others had been put aboard flights out of the country.

“We were detained in the airport before a high-ranking official told us we were expelled,” he said.

Officials loyal to the de facto administration also issued an ultimatum to Brazil on Sunday, giving it 10 days to decide whether to turn Mr Zelaya over for arrest or grant him asylum and, presumably, take him out of Honduras.

They did not specify what they would do after the 10 days were up.

Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva responded by saying that his democratically elected government “doesn’t accept ultimatums from coup plotters.”

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4 thoughts on “Honduran dictators attack civil liberties


    Candlelight Vigils & Protests to Occur Across the country on







    Today, Sunday September 27, 2009, a coalition of progressive forces supporting the demands of the people of Honduras learned that the situation in that country is becoming more and more critical.

    As a result of the growing dire situation in Honduras, peace and social justice activists are calling for another round of protests and vigils to take place around the United States on Tuesday, Sept. 29.

    Furthermore, the coalition is issuing an emergency alert as a result of developments learned on Sunday, September 27.

    At this very moment, a delegation of officials representing the Organization of American States (OAC) are being detained by Honduran immigration officials at the Toncontín international airport in Tegucigalpa.

    By order of the fraud and illegal government of Robert Michelet, the delegation of diplomats cannot enter into the country. This act violates all international laws and conventions with respect to the sovereignty of foreign countries. The officials had left Honduras in rejection of the illegal government. But in light of the fact that the Constitutional President of the Republic, President José Manuel Zelaya Rosales had returned to the country, the officials returned to express their solidarity as well as support the Arias plan proposed by the U.S. State Department and the President of Costa Rica, Oscar Arias.

    The Honduran Ambassador in Washington has stated that the Secretary of the OAS, Mr. Insulsa is informed of the situation in Honduras.

    The leaders of the Coup d’état have managed to block all Internet service.

    The detention of OAS officials comes after several days of Michelet aggression against the Brazilian embassy. Michelet ordered the Embassy attacked when it was reported that President Zelaya was staying there.

    It has been confirmed that coup leaders have dropped chemical gas on the Embassy and are using LRAD’s (Long Range Acoustic Devices) against President Zelaya, his wife and other supporters at the Brazilian embassy.

    This is another violation of international law and conventions and can be interpreted as a blatant act of war.

    LRAD’s are manufactured in the U.S. and can cause permanent hearing damage. A photographer captured the use of LRAD’s, which emit an acoustic beam so offensive and painful that it can cause serious damage to hearing. The sound is similar to a car alarm but dramatically more intense. At full capacity, the LRAD emits a 150 decibel sound wave, journalists report.

    This weapon has frequently been used by the U.S. in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    President Zelaya reports from the Brazilian embassy that they have been subjected to “bombardments with chemical products and ultrasound waves that provoke illness and make people very nervous.”

    The coalition of forces supporting the people and resistance of Honduras are urging everyone to come out Tuesday in cities around the country to protest this act of aggression, to demand that the White House condemn this aggression and to support the demands of the Honduran people.

    The coalition includes IFCO/Pastors for Peace, Hondurans in Resistance U.S.A, the International Action Center, San Romero Church, Rev. Luis Barrios, La Peña del Bronx, Local 1199 SEIU, Alberto Lovera Bolivarian Circle; NALACC, Bayan USA, Ramsey Clark, Artists and Activists United for Peace; Peruvians in Action; Human Rights Project of the Urban justice Center; Colectivo rebel Diaz, Cuba Solidarity New York, Red de Organizaciones Afro-Centroamericanas-USA, Human Rights Project of the Urban Justice Center; Millions 4 Mumia; International League for Peoples Struggle; Comité Dominicano de Solidaridad con los Pueblos, Troops Out Now, Jersey City Peace Movement, NJ Action 21; Trabajadoras por la Paz, Frente Farabundo Martí para la Liberación Nacional – FMLN, Red de Comunidades Salvadoreñas en el Exterior, Empresarios por el Cambio, Centro de Derechos Laborales and others.


  2. (Updated Sept. 28) International solidarity with the Honduran
    people’s struggle for democracy

    Links International Journal of Socialist Renewal below is publishing
    various solidarity statements and reports of actions in solidarity with
    the democracy struggle of the people of Honduras.

    * Read more http://links.org.au/node/1267

    (Updated Sept. 27) Insurrection in Honduras: Resistance Front says
    ‘we won’t rest until victory’

    By Federico Fuentes, Caracas
    September 25 — “The whole world knows that what we have here in
    Honduras is a coup regime”, Armando Licona, a leader from the
    Revolutionary University Student Front said. Green Left Weekly spoke
    with Licona, whose organisation is part of the National Resistance Front
    Against the Coup (FNRG), on the phone from the Honduran capital,

    * Read more http://links.org.au/node/1263

    (Updated Sept. 25) Honduras: Zelaya returns — Resistance prepares
    more action; coup regime reacts with repression

    By Federico Fuentes, Caracas

    September 22, 2009 — The dictatorship in Honduras, which overthrew the
    elected government of President Manuel Zelaya on June 28, has unleashed
    a wave of repression against the masses of people who have taken to the
    streets following Zelaya’s dramatic return on September 21.

    * Read more http://links.org.au/node/1261


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