Birds and botany in Haren

This Dutch video is about lilies in the Haren botanical garden in the northern Netherlands.

In Haren is the largest Dutch botanical garden.

At the moment, its hothouses are being repaired after damage during the frosty winter, so they are not accessible.

Only the Victoria amazonica hothouse is open.

So are two buildings with insects: the insect house, and the honeybee building.

I will write about the arthropods in a later blog post. Now, first about plants and birds in Haren, as I saw them on Saturday 21 April.

In a pond near the entrance, coots nest. They have new-born chicks. In the morning, I did not see the chicks, as a parent then protected them against the cold. Later, when it was sunnier and warmer, I saw them. The other parent repeatedly swam to the nest with fresh nesting material.

A jay. A blackbird.

A robin on a bush, singing.

Then, a shower, which I spend in the insect house.

After the rain had stopped: chiffchaff and greenfinch.

Wood anemone flowers.

A song thrush and a chaffinch singing.

Then, flowers which have become rare in the wild in the Netherlands: snake’s head fritillaries. Both purple and white flowers. A small number of the white-flowered kind grows also in Haren, outside the botanical garden, in a nature reserve.

A male chaffinch in a tree. Two wood doves just below it.

Common butterwort is a perennial carnivorous plant. It used to be common in the northern Netherlands. Today, however, the botanical garden is the only place in Groningen province where it grows.

In 1935, people started planting a pinetum in a part of the garden. Sometimes, one should see squirrels there. I did not see any today.

A few years ago, the water in the garden attracted kingfishers. Harsh winters mean that they disappeared. I hope that they will be back.

One of the bigger trees is a Sequoiadendron giganteum, a giant redwood, from North America. One of the biggest, though it is still relatively young.

A great cormorant flying.

A carrion crow on a treetop,

A grey heron flies away.

A buzzard circling in the air near the garden’s marsh.

A willow warbler sings.

Many pondskaters in the water of the “Celtic” garden.

Then, a green woodpecker. First, I hear its “laughing” sound; then I see it fly away.

Just outside the garden is a small deer park, with fallow deer, muscovy ducks, a turkey, a male and a female peacock, chickens and goats. And magpies.

Cuckoo flowers.

Blue tit. Great tit.

Then, a female blackbird sits down invitingly, with her tail up, on a wooden bridge. The male blackbird comes and they mate.

In the Victoria hothouse, no Victoria amazonica flowers today.

Finally, in the arboretum, there is a big birch tree, of the Betula ermanii species. It was already there when the garden started in 1920.

An ambitious project aims to catalogue the world’s entire plant species by 2020: here.

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