Amnesty International denounces Honduran dictators

This video is called Amnesty: Honduran Coup Govt. Persecuting Opponents.

Amnesty International denounced on Thursday the sharp rise in police beatings, mass arrests of demonstrators and intimidation of human rights defenders in Honduras since the June coup d’état: here.

World boycott campaign to Chiquita for its support of the Coup d’ Etat in Honduras: here.

This video is called Honduras solidarity rally held in the Latin America Plaza in Sydney, Australia, on September 24, 2009.

International solidarity with the Honduran people’s struggle for democracy: here.

Eighty days since the coup in Honduras there are no signs of the resistance being weakened. On the contrary it is growing and becoming more militant. The conditions exist for the coup regime to be overthrown, but this requires decisive action in the form of a total, all-out general strike: here.

2 thoughts on “Amnesty International denounces Honduran dictators

  1. Tell Obama and Clinton: Stop attacks on Zelaya!

    At this moment the Embassy of Brazil in Tegucigalpa where President Manuel Zelaya has been staying since he returned to his country on September 21, together with his family and close to 100 supporters, is being blockaded and attacked with chemical and electronic noise-producing weapons by the Honduran military. Poisonous chemicals and gases are being thrown from helicopters. The entrance is guarded by heavily armed troops who do not allow the delivery of food or other necessities. Water and electricity have been cut off several times in an effort to starve and hurt those inside.

    We demand the immediate cessation of these terroristic measures and the re-installation of President Zelaya to office.

    We also demand the end of all acts of repression and violence by the illegitimate government of Roberto Micheletti against the people of Honduras and the immediate release of all the people detained for protesting the military coup.


    (Add your name here)

    Send your message or call:

    President Barack Obama at: or

    Secretary of State Hillary Clinton at: Main switchboard State Dept. 202-647-4000; (202) 647-3482 or email doing the following:
    To e-mail the U.S. Department of State, please visit the following website: If it does not allow entrance, go to their main website: and then click “contact us” ( and then select “1 How can I contact the U.S. Department of State?”


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