Corrupt US politician DeLay in ‘Dancing with the stars’

This is video from the USA about Tom DeLay, before he had to resign in disgrace.

According to ABC News in the USA, the contestants for the new season of the popular TV show ‘Dancing With the Stars‘ have been revealed.

One of them is Republican politician Tom DeLay, who resigned in disgrace in a corruption scandal in 2006. DeLay was involved in many scandals, including the Abramoff scandal.

No, I am not linking to the ABC News story about it. DeLay may be from Sugar Land in Texas; but that is no excuse for all those sugary euphemisms about this extreme Right politician in this corporate media story, which manages to avoid the problems with DeLay. Many people will say that if DeLay wants to dance, he should do so in a prison cell with himself; not on national TV.

Former Dick Armey aide indicted for helping Jack Abramoff: here.

3 thoughts on “Corrupt US politician DeLay in ‘Dancing with the stars’

  1. Tom DeLay is a star ! I am against his participation in the show ” DANCING WITH THE STARS” . I watch the show regularly in DISH TV and a fan of the show.


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